Rosemarie Marinace Testimonial

Excepted from a Speech Given at Sant Bani School

Up here on stage, all of us who are graduating from Sant Bani this year, we are the face of change.

Out in the audience today, are faculty and staff—both past and present—who have contributed to that change.

At this time I would like acknowledge all the faculty and staff, current and past here in the audience and on the stage.

There is one person who has helped contribute MUCH to the change and continued growth of all the young people here on the stage and many in the audience today, who I wish to recognize:  Susan Dyment.

Most kids here believe that they don’t know Susan or anything about what she does until they are seniors when her full function as the college guidance counselor really kicks in.  But I need to tell you that Susan is Sant Bani’s best-kept secret in the high school.

What most people don’t know is that she also starts to look at your records when you start getting grades in 7th grade.  She looks at what your extra curricular strengths are, and if she comes across something that suits you, she has enough information to connect you with experiences that will broaden your experience beyond the walls of Sant Bani.

Susan will be the first to admit that college matching for her students is an extremely inexact science.  And it’s an environment that continues to change and evolve as education changes and evolves.  Susan has worked hard to keep up with this to help students find the right college match.

Even more—and parents may appreciate this more than anyone—she is also really dogged, and talented at finding all the financial aid scholarships and awards that you—with all of your individual strengths—that you can qualify for, which is increasingly important as college costs continue to skyrocket.  I can’t thank you enough, Susan.

Rosemarie Marinace

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