Lisa MacNaughton Testimonial

“After my daughter took her SAT’s we were inundated with packages, catalogs and letters from colleges. It created a lot of anxiety and concern about finding the right fit for my daughter’s college experience. Susan took the time to know my daughter’s preferences, as well as mine, and our financial situation. We discussed what we were looking for – my daughter’s background and strengths. With that information, and Susan’s many years of expertise and personal knowledge about the colleges and universities, we were able to quickly and efficiently decide which were ‘yes’s, no’s and maybe’s – and the why behind those decisions. Her information was invaluable. Susan was able to explain the colleges to my daughter and me and knew the ones that would fit her academically as well as personally, and which would fit our financial situation as well. Susan’s assistance transformed the overall experience to an exciting and fulfilling time for both of us. I would highly recommend Susan’s college guidance services for any student and family.

Lisa MacNaughton

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