“After my daughter took her SAT’s we were inundated with packages, catalogs and letters from colleges. It created a lot of anxiety and concern about finding the right fit for my daughter’s college experience. Susan took the time to know my daughter’s preferences, as well as mine, and our financial situation.” Read More… 

- Lisa MacNaughton P’16 Roanoke College

“Our daughter decided to graduate from high school a year early, which really forced us to “rev up” the college application process. Susan spent hours with her making sure she would have the credentials she would need to get into a college of her choice. She kept us informed, listened to our concerns, and was our daughter’s biggest cheerleader!” Read more…

- David and Joyce Evans P’14 Holy Cross, P’18 Ithaca College

Susan didn’t open a college guidebook, flip to a random page, and say, “This looks like a good school for you, submit an application and get back to class.”  It was clear that her knowledge did not come from reading through brochures and websites but rather from setting foot on most, if not all, the campuses she felt my children would succeed at.” Read More…

- Rebecca Beane P’05 Rensselear Polytechnic Instuitute, P’06 Boston University

“Even more—and parents may appreciate this more than anyone—she is also really dogged, and talented at finding all the financial aid scholarships and awards that you—with all of your individual strengths—that you can qualify for, which is increasingly important as college costs continue to skyrocket.”  Read More…

- Rosemarie Marinace

“Susan not only brings extensive knowledge to the college exploration and placement process, but provides great support in all areas to both the parents and the student-in everything from understanding financial aid, writing essays, considering college choices, filling out applications, dealing with technical issues on line, to helping through the emotional process for families.” Read More…

- Elaine de Mello and Michael Folsom P’11 Chapman University, P’14 Loyola Marymount University, P’18 Clark University

“Susan Dyment is my daughter’s college guidance counselor at Sant Bani School, and she’s now launching a private venture. If you have a sophomore or junior looking for college guidance, I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.Read More…

- Lea Smith

Not only is Susan tireless in helping students find the match for them during the college application process but she is also very knowledgable about the process. Her organization and tireless dedication are unbeatable!”

- Beth Robinson P’03 US Air Force Academy

“From ivy league to little known “niche” colleges, Susan has the knowledge and experience to guide both parent and student through the process of choosing a school. As a parent, there is no one I would trust more to match my daughter with a school that would help her to realise her goals and dreams. Susan’s approach is in depth and multifaceted, considering not just grades and scores but also personality, personal growth and happiness. I am glad she was there to help me and doubly so that she will be there to help my daughter.”

- Jay Quimby ’00 Plymouth State University

“No one knows the plethora of colleges out there better than Susan Dyment.”

- David Bogacz, P’17 St. Lawrence College

“Susan is an amazing woman who will guide you towards future success in college. You would be lucky to have the counsel of such a knowledgeable and caring counselor!

- Carol Dulac

“Private college counseling… Susan knows her stuff inside-out!

- Lori Budington P’18 Berklee School of Music

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